We don’t need to tell you how epic this weekend is going to be, as the best bars and clubs are preparing a closing you’ll die for, before the beautiful holy month arrives.

Starting off with the always so busy day, Thursday, where Cairo Jazz Club is celebrating Hany Must's birthday with a performance by The Woodpeckers and some covers by Glass Onion, and of course Hany will do his magic with a set of his originals. The Tap West is also going extra with our favourite Ramy DJunkie and nostalgic tunes by Cheeseballs. While Gu Bar is still doing their WKND party, but because it’s the closing, they’re planning one ― inexplicably ― amazing night.

Speaking of being amazing, 24k decided to serve you some Sha3by vibes, courtesy of Mahmoud El Leithy; and a surprise belly dancer to double the fun. Nineteen Twenty Five is up for another Reverb Party, but this time with DJ Bobmix. Also, The Garden Nile Front’s Nile Vibes Party continues with DJs Ahmed Salah, Mohamed Mostafa, and Moe Ashraf. Cairo Jazz Club 610 is going all international with Miss Melera & Niki Sadeki and some beats by Hisham Zahran as well.

Remember it’s the last few days to satisfy your inner drinks lover, so you better wake up early this Friday and enjoy a delicious brunch at The Tap East, as Ali and Danny take care of your ears. At night, an absolutely crazy night is happening at Cairo Jazz Club 610 where duos are taking over: Disco Misr and A-Squared. While Massar Egbari will ― as always ― serve up an incredible performance at The Tap West.

24k decided to mix your favourite nights, The Wicked Games and Tech It Up, in one night that you’ll definitely remember with DJs Stas Drive, Hossam Jamaica, Hussam Alaa B2B with Kareem Atwa & Turky. One more much loved 90’s night couldn’t be erased this Friday, Fel Badroom is still taking place at Basement – Urban Pub, while your beloved belly dancer, Oxana will be dancing over the tunes of Bassem Flix at Nineteen Twenty Five. And lastly, we suggest you put on your dancing shoes as Mohasseb will be serving some irresistible beats that you won’t stop moving to at Cairo Jazz Club.

Here comes the last day to enjoy what’s left of the bottles. Saturday should start, as usual, with a tasteful brunch at Cairo Jazz Club 610, and the oriental house tunes by Arrab. But, at night prepare yourself for the biggest event happening at CJC 610, where the super star Hisham Abbas will be the highlight of the day with his famous, most loved songs of all time! Not just that, Ramy DJunkie will also serve some of his best R&B tunes.

Elsewhere, Mahmoud El Leithy is ending Gu Bar’s famous Heshek Beshek event with belly dancer Johara. The Tap West is handing out a bit of everything mixed together with MTM, Sheba, and Armen V being in the house. El Dor El Awal is performing one last jazzy night at Cairo Jazz Club, and DJ Mobbz is hitting us with his hot tunes, while Brookyln makes us all move at The Tap East.

These are only a few of the events taking place this weekend across the capital – check out the Cairo Gossip calendar for more.

By Sara Mosharef