The hottest question on Cairo night owl’s lips right now is “when is the new Cairo Jazz Club in 6th October opening?”  We’re delighted to say that after much highbrow investigative journalism (i.e. nagging) we’ve finally been told that the opening for CJC 610 is slated for the 7th and 8th February 2018!

We haven’t got deets on the opening acts just yet, but knowing the Cairo Jazz Club’s reputation for being Egypt’s hottest clubbing and live music haven; we’re sure they will be serving up performances by some of the best international and local acts available. Our spies tell us that the new venue will feature a stage and not one, but TWO outdoor areas – a terrace and a courtyard.  We can already hear the cheers coming from thousands of Cairo (and 6th of October) party animals, upon discovering they can enjoy Cairo Jazz Club 610 in the open air.


Over the past decade, Cairo Jazz Club has been known to cater to a plethora of music tastes; the club’s lineup has included the likes of Egyptian heavyweights Wust El Balad, Cairokee, Massar Egabri, and Basheer as well as some amazing international stars like Mashrou’ Leila and Souad Massi. Not to mention the memorable performances, of course, by lots – and we mean lots – of cover bands and some of Egypt’s best DJs like RamyDJunkie, Safi, AK, and Mohasseb.

It’s safe to expect a killer line-up, and much more from Cairo Jazz Club 610’s opening.  The only problem we foresee is deciding between going out at the original or 610 venue!

P.S. ‘Can you guess what 610 stands for?’