Out of the ashes of what was once popular gastropub, Alchemy, a new pub is set to rise in Dokki's Amman Square. Basement - a new 'urban pub' - is set to take what is a cosy intimate space and is the brainchild of Ziad El Kerdany, Adam Guirguis, Sherif El Shafei and Salma Hamouda.

The announcement was made in a Facebook post this weekend by El Kerdany, but the seeds of speculation were sown earlier in the month when he also broadcast a post looking for an executive chef. Though details are still scarce, the chef post suggests that food will be an important element at Basement.

El Kerdany is, of course, no stranger to the nightlife, restaurant and hospitality games - you can see his fingerprints in everything from Nacelle's SANDBOX and the Kempinski Nile Hotel, to the annual rout of sun, sea and sand that is Sahel Season, including one of last year's biggest new venues, Club Central - so it's in good hands.

Stay tuned for for more information...

By Kalam El Qahaira