After a spate of overblown negative press, news has emerged that Sahel super-club, 6IX Degrees, has been shut down by authorities. As confirmed by Ahmed Beltagy on Facebook, the bar will not be operating this weekend.

Standing as one of the most popular nightlife spots on the North Coast, 6IX Degrees has found itself the target of social media users' ire, who have, in typically hyper-dramatic Egyptian fashion, painted it as essentially being a breeding ground for all that's wrong with the world, despite it being universally acknowledged as one of the best high-end nightlife venues in the country.

But owner Ahmed Beltagy, a veteran in the business, has also found support, with peers, performers and regulars jumping to the club's defense. Many have pointed out the perceived hypocrisy in the public admonishment of 6IX Degrees by a nation that seems to turn a blind eye to the darker and seedier side of nightlife in Egypt, while instead engaging in a witch-hunt against what is a fully-licensed venue, run by some of the most experienced people in the business.

The closure, when viewed in the wider scope of things, is counter-productive to the country's stale tourism. Since opening, 6IX Degrees has hosted international names such as Kelly Rowland The Gypsy Kings, Diana King, Kevin Little, Fatman Sccop, Sonique and Snap, as well as regional stars such as Ragheb Alama, Hakim, Haifa Wehbe and Nicole Saba. It’s this level of entertainment that has led it to being a favourite amongst elite-party-goers, with legendary Brazilian ex-footballer, Ronaldinho being spotted there just last week.

It also paints a grave picture for Egypt's increasingly eclectic nightlife and entertainment scene, with the issue prompting many to come to the same conclusion: if 6IX Degrees can be shutdown, then no one is safe.

By Kalam El Qahaira