Dust you're designer flip-flops off, folks, because it's almost that time of year again; Sahel Season is on the horizon and one of the North Coast's most popular seasonal nightlife haunts has wasted no time in kicking off the summer of shenanigans that await.

6IX Degrees' white parties have become the stuff of legend amongst the kind of sun-worshipers that like to bring stilettos to their beachside getaways and, on the second day of Eid, the open-air club is the place to bust out those new toothpaste-white linen trousers you weren't too sure you could pull off.

6IX Degrees on a quiet night.

Though there's yet to be an announcement on what Ayman Baky and co. have in store for the opening night, if last year's opener is anything to go by, expect a sensory cacophony of music and entertainment, all bathed in a brilliant-white haze of dancin' n drinkin'. But there are more surprises up those deep sleeves, with a new makeover of the club set to surprise clubbers.

Tickets are available from Wednesday 15th June at Nineteen Twenty Five everyday, expect Fridays, between 12PM and 6PM.

For more information, call 012-2456-6666.

By Kalam El Qahaira