Your mid-week getaway is a whole lot different this time! The swankiest, biggest and most enjoyable events will be happening at our favourite clubbing hubs. If you miss a single one, it’s definitely going to count as one of your biggest mistakes… OF ALL TIME! Here’s what Cairo’s clubs and bars are serving up for you.

1) Off Red Bull Fel Share3 ft. Jadal (Visiting) / Hawas @ Cairo Jazz Club 610 (Monday 23/4)


Collaborating with the biggest event happening in the streets of Egypt, Redbull Fel Shar3, CJC 610 will be hosting some of the bands under their own roof. This Monday, it is Jadal’s and Hawas’ turn!

2) Coldplay Tribute / Strawberry Swing @Gu Bar (Monday 23/4)


Coldplay’s fans will definitely fall in love at Gu Bar! Strawberry Swing is playing them a tribute to Coldplay, and they have been doing a great job at covering their tracks so far.

3) Tech it up “T.N.T vol 008″ @ 24K (Monday 23/4)


The famous Tech It Up will be continuing at 24k Bar and Restaurant with their favourites; DJs Hossam Jamaica, Dozze, Heikal, and Sa3dany. If you’ve ever attended, you’ll understand how wild this night is.

4) MAN-O @ The Tap West (Monday 23/4)


There’s nothing you need more than some Hip Hop beats to get you dancing all night, and this is what DJ MAN-O has in store for you.

5) Paji (Visiting) / Sebzz @ Cairo Jazz Club (Monday 23/4)


Epic nights happen to be one of CJC’s ultimate goals! They will be bringing DJ Sebzz, along with their special guest Paji to serve you the best of the best.

6) Tuesday After Work BBQ ft. Sewwes @ Cairo Jazz Club 610 (Tuesday 24/4)


This event doesn’t need introduction; it’s exactly what you need after a tiring day at work because it serves the good moods and some delicious food, along with the most pleasing music by DJ Sewwes.

7) Basementality Ft. AKLADIOS @ Basement – Urban Pub (Tuesday 24/4)


The mid-week break-out party, AKA Basementality, continues at Basement - Urban Pub, and this time with DJ Akladios.

8) R&B/Hip Hop Ladies Night ft. DJ Feedo @ Gŭ Bar (Tuesday 24/4)


Gu Bar still loves all the ladies and hasn’t quit their R&B/Hip Hop night with DJ Feedo. So, if you missed it last week, don’t miss it this time.

9) Off Red Bull Fel Share3 ft. Autostrad (Visiting) / Disco Misr @ Cairo Jazz Club (Tuesday 24/4)


Don’t wallow in sadness if you missed it in the streets, it’s still happening at CJC. Autostrad and Disco Misr, the two bands that have been firing it up in the streets at Red Bull Fel Share3, will also blast it at CJC.

10) Boogie Night ft. Ramy DJunkie @ Cairo Jazz Club (Wednesday (25/4)


If you understand fun the right way, then you’ll also understand how it feels to boogie all night with Ramy DJunkie.

11) Layalina ft. DJ Nenio @ Gŭ Bar (Wednesday 25/4)


Layalina, by definition, is an oriental night with Sha3by songs by Mahmoud El Leithy, and a belly dancer who, without doubt, will be moving it hard. Dream about that, or just head to Gu Bar.

12) ZigZag Live feat. Ritza @ Zigzag (Wednesday 25/4)


DJ FrogMoose will be opening and closing the dance floor, while Ritza bring will be bringing the synthpop and electropop tunes at Zigzag!

13) Off RedBull Fel Share3 ft. Aziz Maraka (Visiting)/Dina El Wedidi @ Cairo Jazz Club 610 (Wednesday 24/4)


This time it’s at CJC 610! Aziz Maraka and Dina El Wedidi will take to CJC 610’s stage their Redbull Fl Share3 performance.

14) Pop Night ft. Ehab Shawi @ Bogali


Bogali is bringing back the golden era and is letting singer Ehab Shawi do all the magic, while DJ Mo Ayad is behind decks.

By Sara Mosharef