Midweek parties are the saviours! They save you from all exhaustion, workload, and anxiety. So here’s a list of the best parties happening this midweek. Don’t tell us you’re missing any now!


1. Tuesday After Work BBQ ft. Moez / Frogmoose @ Cairo Jazz Club 610 (Tuesday 16/10)


Nothing compares to CJC 610’S After Work BBQ, especially when the music is in the hands of Moez and Frogmoose.


2. Acoustic Stash @ Stash Bar (Tuesday 16/10)


To relax and forget about all the work drama, all you need is acoustic music and your favourite drink, and this is only found at Stash Bar with TareQ Tohamy.


3. R&B/Hip-Hop Ladies Night ft. DJ Feedo @ Gŭ Bar (Tuesday 16/10)


Do you think Feedo’s number one fans are ladies? Of course they are! Or else Gu Lounge wouldn’t keep on planning a night only for them every single Tuesday!


4. Kubbara @ Cairo Jazz Club (Tuesday 16/10)


Electronic tunes mean Kubbara, simple as that! So head to CJC and enjoy their unique version of electronic music.


5. Signature Tuesday @ Rawi (Tuesday 16/10)


It is said that Rawi knows the real meaning of an oriental night! This week, they’re welcoming the one and only Mahmoud El Leithy and belly dancer Linda.


6. Autostrad / Disco Misr @ Cairo Jazz Club 610 (Wednesday 17/10)


Every week, CJC 610 surprises us with one extraordinary midweek party! This time, it’s in the hand of the crazy duo, Disco Misr, and our favourite band, Autostrad.


7. R&B Night @ OPIA (Wednesday 17/10)


If you’re a fan of R&B, then there is no other place to be than at OPIA, enjoying the spectacular view and the best music played by Soul M.


8. Sha3by Night @ Gŭ Bar (Wednesday 17/10)


Of course Gu Lounge is going extremely sha3by this Wednesday like every other Wednesday! But this week, the star Ahmed Shiba is the one making the belly dancers move their hips.


9. POPsicles ft. Bakir / A-Squared @ Cairo Jazz Club (Wednesday 17/10)


A new party is happening this Wednesday at CJC, and we all know what this means! A crazy night is on the way for sure with Bakir and A-Squared.


10. Rewind ft DJ Hashem @ The Tap West (Wednesday 17/10)


Hashem is taking you back to a bygone era at The Tap West’s Rewind Party.


These are only a few of the events taking place across the capital this weekend– check out the Cairo Gossip calendar for more.

By Sara Mosharef