Tree leaves fall this time of the year, making for a pretty sad atmosphere. But, while it may bring a lot of you down, there is more to lift you up. The capital is always buzzing with the loudest beats, brightest colours, and the best of tunes. There isn’t ever a need to feel down all day, just head to one of these weekend parties and you’ll recharge for the whole month!

Starting with Thursday, Cairo Jazz Club is celebrating Funk Off’s 5th anniversary this weekend, and it’s going to be epic. Meanwhile, at Cairo Jazz Club 610, the music is tripling with Einmusik, Jonas Saalbach, and Richard R. And, The Garden Nile Front is welcoming - for the very first time in Egypt - DJ Justin James, alongside local DJs Goblin and Mobbz.

For the oriental vibes you’re addicted to, you have a few options; the first is at Gu Lounge with Mostafa Hagag, the second is at Rawi with belly dancer Linda, and finally at 24K’s Soiree Night with Johara.

The Tap Maadi is preparing another version of their famous party All Dat Djunk with nobody other than Ramy DJunkie.

On Friday, we start with brunch at either The Tap West with Shehab Kassab and Hussein Gamal, or at The Tap East with Danny Malak. At night, you’ll want to head to Cairo Jazz Club 610 because Feedo and DJunkie are playing on the same freaking night!

Elsewhere, at OPIA, the crazy Tabla Night is happening one more time. And, at The Tap Maadi, it’s a Latino night with Llego La Banda. And don’t forget to enjoy a unique night at Cairo Jazz Club with Deerailed and Arrab.

Saturday brunch at Cairo Jazz Club 610 is a great idea as it will be served this week with Sebzz, and The Cadillacs. And, hailing all the way from Lebanon, the band Arnabeat will be rocking Cairo Jazz Club while Kashouty is mastering one more night at The Tap East.