You can always have as much fun as the people having on the beach, except for the weather, the sand and whatever makes you feel worse about your stay in Cairo. While we just deemed beach parties irreplaceable, you can still enjoy some good time in the capital because the hottest bars and clubs are still hosting some cool parties in Cairo. Here’s what’s happening this weekend.


On Thursday, the best way to enjoy your time is at Cairo Jazz Club 610 with the unique A-Squared and DJ Shawky. Or, you can head to The Tap West and party with the man himself, Ramy DJunkie and some cheesy tunes by Cheeseballs. Also, OPIA is back with its unique Thursday parties with DJ Nader Nelson.

And, if you’re into oriental nights, then Gu Lounge -as always- is preparing the best night for you with La2 La2 masters, El Sawarekh, violinist Ahmed Mokhtar, and of course the belly dancers will be moving some hips. Or you could just enjoy the best performance by Bahiyya band at Cairo Jazz Club.

Lastly, The Tap Maadi is welcoming A.K, and The Garden Nile Front is bringing DJ Nada for their Nile Vibes party.


This Friday, Cairo Jazz Club isn’t doubling the music, but tripling it with Zalat, Arrab and Special K. Oh, Cairo Jazz Club 610 also decided to do the same and is welcoming Anis, Meish and Mobzz. And, Bella Figura is back with its Level Up party with DJs Mo Omran and Malak.

The king of Hip Hop & R&B is heading to The Tap West, while another star with lots of rumors and stories about her is actually a guest at 24K. The one we are talking about is Sama El Masry, who will be shaking it with DJ Sary.

You can always go enjoy the best sha3by night at Gu Lounge because it’s not going anywhere, and this Friday they’re welcoming Ahmed Shiba!


As we always tell you, if it’s ending, then it is ending big. It all starts with a brunch on Saturday at Cairo Jazz Club 610, which will be mastered by Sebzz. At night, you can either head to Cairo Jazz Club to enjoy a performance by two exceptional local bands, El Dor El Awal and Code Masr, or you can wait for The Walkman Show and Friends at The Tap East.

Last but not least, if you are in need of some swank, then ORA and DJ Simon is the right choice for you!


These are only a few of the events taking place this weekend across the capital – check out the Cairo Gossip calendar for more.

By Sara Mosharef