While you may be tired, and still a bit hung-over, from all the parties you attended during Eid break, you need to wake up now because summer is ending and we’ve still got plenty for you to do. Here are the hottest parties happening around Cairo this weekend.


Starting off with Thursday, Ashmawy and Shiha are blasting it at Cairo Jazz Club 610, while Feedo is taking over The Tap West, and DJ Masryis getting the crowd to groove at Keji.

Want something oriental? We’ve got you covered there too! Underground is preparing one more Sagat Night, and Gu Lounge is welcoming Shaaban Abd El Rahim. Expect some Ehhhh with the belly dancers!

Also, Screwdrivers will be serving a mix of your favourite rock and roll covers at Cairo Jazz Club, and DJunkie is setting The Tap Maadi on fire with Cheeseballs.

Friday is even hotter with king Feedo taking over Cairo Jazz 610, and DJ Goblin serving the best beats at The Garden Nile Front. On the other hand, Gu Lounge is still up for another WKND party with Mostafa Hagag and the belly dancers; and Paranoid Eyes are singing a tribute of your favourite band, Pink Floyd, at The Tap Maadi.

And just because one DJ isn’t enough to change your mood, Cairo Jazz Club is bringing the duo Aguizi & Fahim.

Let’s kiss summer and the weekend goodbye with a delicious brunch at Cairo Jazz Club 610 with Arrab and AWE on Saturday. While at night, you can either head to The Tap East and enjoy Hamed El Sayeh’s acoustic tunes, or Salalem Band at Cairo Jazz Club’s Saturday L’Oriental party, or some rock music by the Toasted Kings at The Tap West.

By Sara Mosharef