We would love to save you the trouble of reading an intro because you are already troubled with staying in Cairo during this really long vacation. We needn’t remind you, official vacations like this are a once in a lifetime kind of thing.


As you all already know, Monday is a dry night, and while we will be clenching our fists from beer thirst, we will still be getting the music, the vibes and everything fun.  This Monday it is all about Shuffle Night at the Taps (West, East, and Maadi). Elsewhere, 24k Bar & Restaurant are brining you a much awaited party Tech it Up T.N.T Vol. 20, featuring DJs Hossam Jamaica, Dozee, Tareq Siddqi, and Ali.


If you were wondering how to kick off the first night of Eid, you should start it with a party at one of our favourite spots, Cairo Jazz Club, whether the one in Agouza or Sheikh Zayed. CJC Agouza is hosting Mineral Kult & Shawerma for a night of psychedlic and electronic tunes. On the other side of town, CJC 610 is bringing Bakir for some groovy sets. And, Game Night is still happening at all the Taps (West, East, and Maadi) with different DJs at each. The fun doesn’t end here, Gu Lounge is still hosting another Ladies Night party, featuring the king himself DJ Feedo, while the Garden Nile Front continues with its Float party with DJs N. Saffouri, tee, and W.A.H.B.A.


If you have been spending the first night of Eid with family because you can’t break free of everlasting traditions, you can still enjoy the 2nd day of Eid. Mainly because, A.k the DJ is taking to CJC decks his amazing tunes; and Nour Project & Basata bands are hitting CJC 610 with oriental and jazzy tunes. In addition, the Taps are getting it lit with three different performances across cairo: Fatsam at the Tap East; Armen V at the Tap West, and Ellol at the Tap Maadi.


Third day of Eid, and we are not even close to being done. For this is the night that Egyptian Project plays some shiver-some acoustics at CJC, while Ayman Naguib is pumping the crowd with his best sets at CJC 610. The Taps as usual, are offering something different, not just the performers, but the kind of music too. For example, the DJ at the Tap East doesn’t define the genre he is playing, his sets are only made to make you swing, we are talking DJ Sewwes folks. On the other side of the city, at the Tap West, Kashouty is the man when it comes to pop tunes, but if you are into something with lots of the trendy tracks you love, head to the Tap Maadi for Soul M mixes. We cannot forget that the Garden Nile Front is hosting another edition of their Nile Vibes party, this time with DJs El Nenni, Islam Mico and Ali!


The parties’ rollercoaster hasn’t stopped just yet, and it is not going to anytime soon. The reason is that there are 6 parties at (almost) the same freaking time. First up there is DJs Fuzzy & Junior, who  are going to be shuffling through some hip sets at CJC. Somewhere else, Aly Goede & Kitchen Crowd are making a glorious return to decks as they play b2b at CJC 610. The Taps, are getting DJ Teddy (not a teddy bear) for the Tap East; King of Rnb & Hip-hop DJ Feed for the Tap West; and DJ Mobbz for the Tap Maadi. The Garden Nile Front is still going strong with another RnB Night with DJ Goblin.


It feels like we paced quickly through such a long vacaaaaay, but on this day, it all ends. So as we watch you weep before returning back to work life, here is how you can get such burden of off your chest. First, you can go to Asia Madani’s performance at CJC, where she will be singing and playing some amazing Sudanese folklore. Get ready to go all “Henedi” on her. CJC’s brother, 610 is hosting another much awaited for Saturday Brunch over the chill beats of DJ Teddy. If, however, you are looking for some rock and roll, head to the Tap East because will be rolling with you in electrifying music. If that’s not your thing, Mariam Ghareeb will be at the Tap West getting us all cuddable with her angelic vocals and songs. Last but not least, if you are one of those folks who love to take strolls down memory lane every once in a while, Karkadan is bringing to the Tap Maadi some nostalgic tunes.

By Adel M. Fakhry