If your bowel is filled with a toxic life of routine, you need to burst that bubble with a couple of parties that will introduce you to interesting music, people and settings you never thought existed in the capital. This is not the first time we have done a midweek guide, but this is the first time we truly recognise the potential that a midweek party carries. It is life-changing.


1) Odious / Scarab (The Harvest Moon Show) @ Cairo Jazz Club (Tuesday 25/9)


If you are a metal head who likes electrifying music, two international bigwigs in the metal scene are coming to the capital this week. They will be performing at Cairo Jazz Club, head there and enjoy the great performances by Odious and Scarab. 


2) Tuesday After Work BBQ ft. Azaar @ Cairo Jazz Club 610 (Tuesday 25/9)


Even nerds get drained after the long working hours and the workload, and sometimes we all do need to take a step back and refresh. Hence, CJC 610 is hosting another Tuesday After Work BBQ, where you get to eat some fine delicacies along with your favourite beer/cocktail and listen to some hip music BY DJ Azaa.


3) R&B/Hip-hop Ladies Night ft. DJ Feedo @ Gŭ Lounge (Tuesday 25/9)


If you are short on cash, take your lady to Gŭ Lounge and save yourself a couple of hundred use on extra drinks! That’s because for ladies, y’ll get free entry! Isn’t that awesome?


4) Float @ The Garden Nile Front (Tuesday 25/9)


The Garden’s Nile Front’s special Float party is continuing, but this time they are getting an international DJ to the decks and a local talent as well. We are talking DJ BLAKE ORME and DJ Asser Nabil.


5) Game Night @ The Taps (EastWest, & Maadi) (Tuesday 25/9)


No better way to end a mid-week crisis than with a game night. Head to any of The Taps this Tuesday for an endless night of fun. 


6) Ibiza Tuesday @ 24K (Tuesday 25/9)


When it’s Ibiza Tuesday at 24K, there’s no time for resting. You’ll be dancing all night long over DJs Fuzzy, Irma, Hussein, & Hossam Alaa sets.


7) Mydy Rabycad (Visiting) @ Cairo Jazz Club 610 (Wednesday 26/9)


The electro-swing Czech band Mydy Rabycad will be blasting your Wednesday at CJC 610. But they are not the only ones performing, because Bakir is coming to the stage folks!


8) Disco 7amra ft. Disco Misr @ Cairo Jazz Club (Wednesday 26/9)


Disco 7amra night is back with all its 90s vibes glory! The crazy duo Disco Misr are the ones conquering the stage this time, with their eclectic sets of oriental and electro fusions.


9) Feedo @ The Tap East (Wednesday 26/9)


Egypt’s king of RnB & hip-hop, DJ Feedo, is back on the decks at the Tap East, pumping up the crowd with beats curated for the groovy folks.


10) Rewind Wednesday ft. Ahmed Samy @ The Tap West (Wednesday 26/9)


Ahmed Samy has been known for a passion for vinyl records, and on Wednesday he will be shuffling through his records to give us an unforgettable experience.


11) Aguizi & Fahim @ The Tap Maadi (Wednesday 26/9)


The electronic duo come back to the stage, so get ready folks for some hypnotic tunes at The Tap Maadi with DJs Aguizi & Fahim. 


12) Ladies Night @ 24K (Wednesday 26/9)


24K Bar & Restaurant always got something for the ladies, and this time, they are giving them free entrance on Wednesday night!


13) El Leithy @ Gŭ Lounge (Wednesday 26/9)

Wednesday (2)

Gŭ Lounge is up all week days with nothing but oriental parties, and on Wednesday, they are getting the sha3by singer, Mahmoud El Laithy, the resident belly dancers, and violinist Ahmed Mokhtar


14) Bel 3arby @ The Garden Nile Front (Wednesday 26/9)


The Garden’s Nile Front’s special opening of “Bel 3arby” night is going to be happening this week with Hamdy EL Ganainy, Rasheed El Ganainy, and DJ Sheeko folks!