We have lost count of the many weekends we have spent in the arms of 6IX Degrees this summer.  Most probably, the reason is that we wait a whole week for Thursday, to lose ourselves in blissful moments that last for three crazy days. So, while you wait for another fiery weekend, we have got some inside news about 6IX Degree’s line-up this weekend.  


First up, is the Lebanese singer Ramy Ayach, who has taken part in shaping contemporary Arabic music as we know and love it these days.  His first hit dates back to 1998, and it has been an amazing run ever since. He has been with us at weddings; on bed sheets as we cried of heartbreak; and on radios, MP3 players, and smartphones as love conquered us. He has borne with us during agonising struggles and celebrated happy moments as well, he is a true friend that we never actually saw, but finally get to see this Thursday at 6IX Degrees. Plus, there will be a special appearance by DJ Armen Sarkis, who will be ready to pump you up with some feel good tunes, and belly dancer Johara is going to go all out with some insane hip-shaking.

WhatsApp Image 2018-08-13 at 4.14.09 PM

On Friday, 6ix Degrees is going all oriental on us, with performances from the notorious Okka & Ortega, Mostafa Haggag, and belly dancer Alla Kushnir. However, they are closing off the night with DJ Ghandokly on the decks.

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Saturdays for 6IX Degrees are all about international performers, last weekend they got us Fatman Scoop, and this Saturday, they are bringing us 20-year-old, internationally acclaimed indie singer, Silentó. All this, and more, awaits you this weekend at the one and only 6ix Degrees.