If you are working this Sunday like us, you will be happy to know that you will be rewarded with 6IX Degrees eclectic parties. Since the summer season started, 6IX Degrees have hosted an array of international and local stars, and they have gone to lengths to create everlasting memories for the whole lot of us. Hence, it is no strange thing to see them giving us more of what we need on such a long vacation.


Without further ado, 6IX Degrees is bringing the Arab superstar, the Lebanese singer, Ragheb Alama on Tuesday. Yes, we know all about the times his songs have been a tear jerker, and the times they made us fall in love all over again. Countless as they may be, we built an unwavering love for this man, and to see him performing live in Egypt, in the chilliest spot (that is Sahel), is a dream that is coming true. Closing off the night, we will have DJ Armen Sarkis, as usual, getting us to groove and loose some hips.


While Ragheb Alama is all about nostalgia for some, a replay of years old songs will be taking place on Wednesday. You will get to connect with a distant self, or listen to your older friends as they tell you weird facts about the songs being played. Save the date folks, we know not of when Nostalgia Bel 3araby is taking place again. Also, DJ Lyon Avakian will be playing some of his grooviest sets as belly dancer Linda shakes it to the beats!

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Ain’t oriental nights the best? The sha3by songs that will get you to do those weird circular motions with your hands, or jump up and down like a rabbit (no, that is not break dance, it is sha3by dance),  and that kind of thing… We know some of you love it because we do too, and apparently 6IX Degrees as well. On Thursday, they are getting Poussy, Leithy and belly dancer Anastasia for some serious hip shaking. So while you wait, go to a wedding and practice those cool sha3by moves. And, as always, DJ Armen Sarkis will be on the decks showing some love with his hip tunes.


Hold your horses, 6IX Degrees ain’t done yet. On Friday, they are getting the Lebanese singer Maya Diab, who we literally fell in love with as youngsters when she was part of the 4 Cats. Also, belly dancer Johara is back again to shake it. Later, DJ Hadi will join the stage to play some sick mixes.

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On the last day of this long vacation, Ballantine’s True Music x B2B party make a much awaited return. This time, the opening act will be by Shady Ezz & Arafa. Later, the DJing battle will ensue between Mohasseb B2B with Abou Samra vs A-Squared B2B with Jimmy. So get ready for an insanely hot party, which will pump you up with much needed energy until the next weekend.