She can make anything out of everything! She’s the woman who loves to play with trash and scrap and create something out of them. Interesting, right?

After Amin got a bachelor in industrial design from Malaysia, she had second thoughts regarding her career. Dina had discovered that industrial design consumes a lot of energy and resources to design products that people only use for a short time, and then eventually get rid of. Ever since Dina had this realisation, she decided not to throw away any trash. Instead, she breaks everything into pieces to discover what’s inside and then creates a miraculous product with what she has to hand.

Each Friday, following the hashtag she created #TinkerFriday, Dina posts videos on Instagram of her unassembling a random product. She takes us through the process visually, and we have to say, she leaves us with jaws dropped every single time.

Not just that, but Amin also posts stop motion videos to teach people how to get creative with an old charger or doll, for instance. In addition, she holds lots of workshops to educate people in the art of upcycling.