Featured image via Twitter

When the quarantine period first started, live online performances became a thing, but after a short break, thinking the hype was over, the trend seems to be coming back stronger than ever. One upcoming online concert that you surely don’t want to miss is Amal Maher’s; it’s by the Pyramids, so this one’s definitely for the books.

The concert, titled Unplugged, will be held on Friday the 12th of June at 9 PM. Unplugged will be aired on MBC Masr, and will also be available for streaming on Shahid VIP, as well as the channel’s Facebook page and YouTube channel. There will be no audience allowed, only the band and crew, who will be practising social distancing and following safety measures.

Unplugged will surely be a magical experience, so maybe tuning in would be a good idea. After all, we all need some uplifting vibes and entertainment nowadays!