Image credit: Al Ain

According to sources, Maha Ahmed created controversy through a Facebook post she shared on the 15th of May, which many considered an attack on the “Nasl el Aghrab” stars. In the post, Ahmed stated, “The story, everyone, is that two stars made a TV show and a little girl, who is just starting out in acting, has outdone them to the point of becoming the star of the show herself”.

Ahmed continues to talk about her relationship with the two stars. Never mentioning names, she states that she has a lot of friendly history with one of them but that he has failed to recognise her artistic talent by letting her take a role that doesn’t match up to her skills, and that is betrayal. The other one, she continues, used to treat her with the utmost respect, dreaming of saying hello to her, but now has responded to her, saying, “The role calls upon its actor”.

Maha Ahmed then continues to attack the (supposedly) anonymous actors, stating that they starred in a show together in which their acting was awful and that their programme was only made better through the inexperienced actress, who has also remained unnamed. She also went live on Facebook and explained the entire situation from A-Z.

So far, El Sakka has remained silent, but Karara has responded briefly, saying, “Strange, considering she was happy with the role she got”.

Moreover, El Sakka’s family members have posted on Facebook in response to Maha’s big speech. His mother, Nadia Al-Sarouj, attacked Maha, stating that she is reaching for fame in obscene ways. Meanwhile, his sister, Fatma El Sakka, wrote a post defending her brother, saying that even though Maha Ahmed hasn’t stated Ahmed El Sakka’s name, everyone knows who she’s talking about. El Sakka’s sister expressed her disappointment in the actress and stressed the fact that she has a lot of envy towards other actors.

So far, very little has been said by Maha Ahmed about the responses she has had from anybody. It would appear that the flame has died down over the last couple of days, with none of the involved persons speaking about the matter any further.