Your cranky neighbour gives you those looks going up and down the stairs, and their eyes follow your movement as if you are their prey. They complain about the noise your friends make, the smoking on the stairs, the late-night music, the loud TV, and most importantly, they don’t laugh at your jokes. However, it is time to put those nasty tendencies of yours that annoy your neighbor aside. It is about time you give both of you the space to enjoy Ramadan, and the rest of your lives, together.

Orange is the one to remind us that our love for our neighbours is as deep as our love for basbosa and konafa with their latest Ramadan ad!

While our culture holds neighbours dearly, we have been drifting away from this value because of an extremely fast-paced life and superficial tendencies. Orange is asking us to let go of the small things that bother us the most, and to enjoy a more profound relationship with our neighbours; those who happen to have amazing qualities that we might have forgotten about or taken for granted.

The inspiration behind this ad is that Orange’s latest insights found that “your neighbor is the closest yet the furthest,” and it couldn’t be more true. Each year, Orange tries to be an advocate of a different cause, and in doing so, it shouldered some of the heavy weight of holding the community together. This year, they want to bring us closer!