Egyptian collage artist, Bey Khalifa, might not be a household name, but her work certainly makes an impression on all eyes that come across it. The 24 year-old digital daredevil is an advertising and PR graduate with a penchant for photography, which she seems to utilise in her eye-catching pieces, which explore the current state of society through a uniquely satirical way.

 beya body 1

In an interview with artist networking site, FStop, Khalifa points to music and poetry as sources of inspiration, commenting on the themes of her work: 

A lot of the themes pit humans against forces of nature and the universe, putting them at odds with things we have become estranged from, and commenting on the contemporary human condition. Other themes work on re-establishing that lost connection through satire, humor, or surrealism.

beya 2

She also mentions in the interview that, although doing it all digitally is somewhat freer, she hopes to one day produce analogue collages. You can check out more of her work on Behance and Instagram.

By Kalam El Qahaira