Hip-hop nation, this one’s for you! If AntiSocial by Ed Sheeran and Travis Scott is on your playlist, then you probably know how it feels like listening to it; you can’t help but dance. Apart from the catchy lyrics, the beat is just irresistible. That’s why Egyptian hip-hop dancers and choreographers, Layla Ghaleb and Mahmoud Shoukry, didn’t think twice before making this video.

As usual, our favourite dancers showed off their incredible dance moves in this urban choreo. But the video was actually much more than that; it’s a loud and clear message for you to be true to yourself. The dancers used a storyline approach and, through their video, told a story of two millennial introverts as they struggle to fit in today’s materialistic world.

So, dear Layla and Shoukry, kudos to you, for showcasing your talent while making a brilliant statement the current generation definitely needed!