It’s been a week now since AFCON 2019 has ended and we’re kind of bummed it did. We always love the cheering atmosphere and the thrill that comes along, but most importantly, we love the advertising campaigns that come with this exciting event. So we took a look back at the past decade, and we have decided to bring you, our readers, the 9 ads that we bookmarked as absolute favourites:

Vodafone - AFCON 2012

7 years ago, this inspiring ad came out to encourage us to follow our dreams. We can surely never forget this one.

Agency: JWT Cairo

Chipsy UCL - UEFA Champions League 2016

Remember when Chipsy placed cheering mouths on their bags? We were all guilty of grabbing a bag of Chipsy just to take pictures with it.

Agency: BBDO Cairo

Orange - World Cup 2017

Despite the backlash it received, this ad was just epic. We had been waiting for our national team to qualify to the World Cup for so long, and we had finally done it! The vibes were nothing but ecstatic. But, then again, dark humor is not for everyone.

Agency: FP7/CAI

Coca Cola - World Cup 2018

Remember the Coca Cola song that went viral on all social media platforms? Everyone loved it because of its catchy rhythm of our childhood song, “Old MacDonald”, or like we call it here in Egypt, “Gedo Ali”.

Agency: FP7/CAI

Head & Shoulders - World Cup 2018

Head & Shoulders definitely found its way to our cheering hearts with this super creative, and catchy, ad. The lyrics are just on point.

Agency: People of the Internet

Carina - World Cup 2018

Who said women can’t cheer? Obviously they can, and that’s why we loved this ad so much. It took the women’s side and shattered all stereotypes.

Agency: Tayarah

Durex - World Cup 2018

Anyone remembers this out-of-the-box campaign by Durex? The metaphors and innuendos were just hilarious, and we can’t get over it. A+ for the creativity.

Agency: Media Republic

Pepsico - AFCON 2019

This campaign was just brilliant. Thank you, Abyusif and Pablo for the lit, catchy song! We all fell in love, and this campaign surely had to make it to the list.

Agency: KTP

Coca Cola - AFCON 2019

The song everyone has been repeating since the beginning of the AFCON 2019 is simply irresistible. It awakens the cheering souls inside of us.

Agency: FP7/CAI and Mahdys