After 10 years of being a road design engineer, like many other people, Ingy Zahran decided to listen to her calling and make a career shift. Now, Zahran’s proudly an entrepreneur and a self-taught artist who makes daily-used products, just with a magical, artsy twist.

Zahran found herself inclined towards art, so she decided to pursue her true passion when she first started Nooge Designs. But she didn’t want to be constrained, and sought to use almost anything as her canvas so she could eventually bombard every single Egyptian household with her pieces of art.

The talented artist didn’t just do business research to start her project, but she also did a lot of self-learning before she began. From reading articles to watching YouTube videos, Ingy was committed to learning all about colours and the right materials to use.

She first started making and selling mugs, which then led to notebooks, then one product after another. She now offers a variety of merchandise such as coasters, side tables, and more. All items are hand-painted and clearly made with love, and the best thing about them is that they’re customisable. So, if you want your name, a specific design, or a different colour, consider it done! Not just that, but Ingy is also a muralist, so if you’d like to splash of colour on one of your walls, she’s also your gal!

Her style is very distinctive and brings positive vibes to the eyes. Not just because of the vibrant colours, but maybe because of her constant use of mandalas in her designs. But aside from all of that, Zahran is living proof that it’s never too late to pursue your dreams.