There are tons of music genres out there, but one that’s been growing in popularity everywhere over the past three decades is electronic music. But aside from the iconic figures, and the fact that we now proudly have big names in this scene, we’re here to shed light on rising and underrated talents. Have you heard of Mohamed Hasan? Well, you’re about to, and if you’re an electronic music fan, his music will blow your mind.

Hasan’s been making music for the past 10 years; he’s done remixes such as his deep house rendition of Alicia Keys’ Time Machine, and he has his original tracks as well. And after being MIA for the past five years, Hasan has been super active for the last five months. It seems like 2020 might actually be a good year for some of us after all. 

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His beats are sick and totally catchy, but what caught our attention the most is how smoothly he puts it all together. Such talent is rare. Watch Hasan’s studio jamming sessions on Instagram, or get lost in his music on Soundcloud; we guarantee you’ll enjoy it.