Featured image via Kholoud Khalifa

Ramsi Lehner is a man who wears many hats. From his impressive acting career to his disc jockeying nights packed with afrobeats, Lehner just never fails to entertain us. Irtigalia, however, is one more project the multi-talented guy has up his sleeve, and we firmly believe it’s Cairo’s next big thing.

Irtigalia is an improvisational comedy group of professionally trained actors who, together, pull off a series of humorous scenes with their creativity and input from the audience. It all comes in the form of a live comedy show that involves interaction with the crowd and a whole lot of laughter.

Improv acting is pretty well-known overseas. However, it’s safe to say that it’s a fresh, new concept to the Egyptian audiences. Through their live shows, Irtigalia aims to introduce improv to Egyptians and raise awareness about it. They also seek to offer live entertainment experiences that include direct interaction with the people. 

Lehner, who founded Irtigalia in 2018, coaches the group and directs the shows himself. The group, consisting of 12 young, rising actors, includes Ahmed Achrafi, Ahmad Galal, Ahmad Hesham, Ahmed Radwan, Andrew Emad, Ehab Labib, Haitham Farouq, Hussein Hegab, Menna El Touny, Menna Rashwan, Shahd Omar, and Summer El-Abbasey. As for the sound, Ahmed Samy, dubbed as their maestro, is the one in charge of the (also improvised) music and sound effects.  

It’s worth mentioning that Irtigalia is supported by Orient Productions and Luke Lehner Studios. The latter holds monthly shows for the group at their premises in Maadi. Last week, however, the group had their debut appearance at The Tap West, and we’d have to say, they left the audience quite impressed. Irtigalia will have another performance there on the 18th of December, so keep an eye for more updates because you don’t want to miss it.