Are you in the mood for a new adventure? We’ve got you covered, or we might just say Sinai Trail aka the longest hiking trail trip will get you the adrenaline you’ve been longing for. Want to know why it’s the longest? Basically, it’s just a 550km (which could be covered in 42 days) through every kilometer of Sinai’s epic desert route! Not a big deal at all *100% kidding* (Sinai Trail was originally only 220kms).

Sinai Trail isn’t just the usual hiking trip, it is the best tourism project in 2016, and Wanderlust Magazine named it as one the greatest trails in the whole world in 2017! So you can imagine how exhilarating this adventure is.  Want to know how it goes? The map below shows all the places you will experience with 20 Bedouin tribes, while enjoying the beauty of Egypt and the spectacular view all around you in Sinai.



Plus, hiking is not the only way to enjoy this tour, there’s always something fun and different to do. Here’s what you can do.

1. Mountain Biking

The first one to try this was Musallem Abu Faraj back in 2015, along with a Bedouin guide with author Kevin Davie. It became an essential adventure for all the thrill-seekers and those whose courage topped up any fears.


2. Bouldering

This is not the usual bouldering you take your kids to, this is one of the best surreal setting in the blue desert near St. Katherine Mount. It will definitely get endorphins (those happiness chemicals) and adrenaline kicking.


3. Rock Climbing

Because rock climbing is Bedouins’ hobby, and they also do it for hunting, Sinai Trail thought adding this activity will teach people more about their culture, but in a fun way.


4. Meditation & Yoga

Is there something even better than relaxing and enjoying a mix of of meditation and yoga right to rising and diving suns, where you’re surrounded by the nature and the beauty of Sinai? We don’t think there is!


5. Bedouin Culture

Through this activity, Bedouins teach stars navigation, tell you stories about their history every evening and let you acquire lots of their skills and knowledge as well.


6. Outdoor Education

And just because living in the desert isn’t as easy as you may think, Sinai Trail serves the best environment for learning about the deserted place that encompasses you through leadership, first aid, map reading and so much more!


If you are looking for someone who organizes mini hiking trips on the trail, look no further than If you want us to find people who organize the 550Km trip; like, comment and share!


By Sara Mosharef