Believe it or not, renowned actor and director Danny Glover is in Egypt for the second time!  Glover is currently in Aswan, seated as one of the judges at the Second Edition of the International Women’s Film Festival. This year, the festival is dedicated to the life of Djamila Bouhired: an Algerian female who was part of the resistance movement against the French colonization of Algeria, and who resultantly was arrested and tortured by the colonial power’s forces. The festival is also home to several workshops: script writing, documentary, cinematography, cartoon, and filmography. 

Glover has been nominated before for a number of Primtime Emmy Awards, and has starred in some of Hollywood’s biggest blockbusters: Lethal Weapons, Dreamgirls, 2012, Freedom Song,  and Dirty Grandpa.

Visiting Philae Temple and the Magdy Yacoub Foundation, Glover’s heart appears to be filled with love for Egypt’s history, and for Egyptian children! To be honest, what is there not to love about Aswan? If you're now pondering the possibility of heading over to Aswan to catch Glover, well, sorry bro., you've missed your chance because the festival ends on the 26th of February!

By Sara Mosharef