Today, Google Doodle reminds us that the 10th of June is what would’ve been the 57th birthday of one of the greatest authors in Egyptian history, according to thousands of his readers, Ahmed Khaled Tawfik. Tawfik was a medical doctor before he started writing. He soon became the pioneer of the horror and sci-fi genres because of his iconic books, such as “Ma Waraa Al Tbeeaa”.

 Ahmed Khaled Tawfik

All his readers wish he was still here to make more of his amazing fantasy novels. On this very special day, we want to commemorate his legacy, which is why we chose to bring you his top books. So for those who’ve never read any, we encourage you to start doing so now.



This is one of his first novels and the most well-known. It takes us on a journey between two worlds; a world of a lavish life, where people have everything they could ever wish for, and another impoverished, cruel side. The book suggests that this is how life in Egypt is going to be by 2030.

 “Hazak Al Youm”

Hazak Al Youm

This crime-thriller follows a group of university students that encounter a life-threatening catastrophe and an ancient Egyptian curse that follows the pattern of each student’s zodiac sign. It’s worth mentioning that Hazak Al Youm was made into a series called Zodiac that participated in the Ramadan 2019 marathon. The series starred various young rising stars including Asma Aboulyazid, May El Gheity, Khaled Anwar, and more.

 “Ma Waraa Al Tbeea series”

 Ma Waraa al tbeaa

This series follows the story of a 60-year-old man who comes across a myriad of supernatural events. The great news is that the “Paranormal” series will be adapted as a Netflix Original to be directed by Egyptian Filmmaker Amr Salama.

  "Methl Icarus"

 Methl Icarus

The book follows the Greek myth of Icarus who didn’t listen to his father and got too close to the sun that he melted his wax wings, and eventually fell into the water and drowned. Our hero in this novel, like Icarus, got too close to the sun by knowing too much. Set in 2020 at the mental health institute, he sees both the past and the future, but decides to remain silent.

 Have you read any of the books mentioned above?


By Yara Tarek