Ramadan is here. The family gatherings, with all the food and series to tune in to, and also the ads. The inevitable part that you can’t dodge in Ramadan, because they’re everywhere. And because we mostly watch ads now, and not the actual series, we decided to brief you with a list to help you mute the bad and give the good one a watch.

The best ones would be:

Al Ahly National Bank Of Egypt ad.


So far, we’re loving this ad and all the laughs it brings. The attitude of the security guy is hilarious. And they didn’t have to use a celebrity for the ad to work. People love it already and are talking about it all over social media.

Mn El Alb Lel Alb


As usual, we can’t have Ramadan ads without Magdy Yakoub, and this one is so heartwarming. The music is beautiful, and the way we, as Egyptians, can relate to the use of the word “Alb” is just amazing. And they didn’t have to feature a child crying, or talking about their suffering.

AMS Number One



Bayoumy Fouad’s Voice over nailed this with his badass attitude. The way he’s dead serious talking about the style of clothing is why we’re falling for this one. And it’s simple. “Megreb w Maharahar”.



They used how most young people are in exams, and tried to relate to them. And all we can do is clap for this genius idea. Procrastinating forever

And now, for the bad ones: Behold



First of all, what’s going on here? Why is Asala yelling? I mean it’s just a city’s ad for god’s sake. Poetry too, because why not?

Vodafone’s ad with Amr Diab



This is not giving us the right vibes it should have given. We’re not nostalgic as much as we’re thinking about how Amr Diab never gets old, and everyone else does. I mean seriously, what are you on, man?




Because last year wasn’t a success, they decided to use the same strategy. The song isn’t catchy, but it gets stuck in your head for the whole day. And featuring pretty women just to get attention is so cheap & cliché.

Orange’s new ad



The idea was nice for a year or 2, but now it’s getting boring. Using the same strategy of a song and celebrities is not cool anymore.




Mohamed Ramadan is the king, he’s bad, strong, fierce, and he beats Van Dam! Wait, what? This is too much. Isn’t he tired of always playing the same role over and over again? I mean the song is catchy and all, but pick another character.

Egypt Bank


We’re not unbreakable, we’re honestly breaking while watching the ad. And enough with this cheesy pep talk, please.  

We tried to help…so, the next time an ad comes on, and it’s one of the worst, you know what to do.


By: Yara Tarek