A few days ago, Egyptian superstar Nelly Karim revealed that she had a benign tumor. However, the actress and ballerina underwent an operation to remove it at Massachusetts General Hospital in the US. Nelly added that the surgery was very complicated, but it was successful.


Karim has always been an inspiration to all women by embodying roles of the strong, unbreakable female leads. But it seems that this persona is not just a character she regularly plays; she even portrays it in real life. And because Nelly Karim has been, and will always be, stronger than ever, here are four roles where she astonished us with her strength.


#1 Bent Esmaha Zat

Nelly Karim’s debut lead role in a TV drama was in the series, Bent Esmaha Zat, which was an adaptation of a novel for Sanallah Ibrahim. Nelly played the role of an Egyptian, middle-class, woman named Zat, who had gone through a lot of trouble and pressure in life but remained a backbone for all her family members.

#2: Segn El Nessa

Another fascinating series that made Nelly Karim hit the trending list was Segn El Nessa, which was based on real-life stories of female prisoners before and during prison time.

Nelly played the role of a simple woman who did not choose her life. She was robbed of everything she loved and was charged for a murder she did not commit. She then turned to a woman who wanted nothing but revenge. We’d have to say that Nelly played the metamorphosis of the character brilliantly.


#3: Taht El Saytara

The story revolves around Mariam, a former drug addict, but when her husband left her, she relapsed. Nelly Karim reached a higher level of acting this time, mainly because this challenging role was full of psychological fluctuations. 


#4: Li A3la Se3r

Here Nelly portrayed a wife who gave up everything for her family and abandoned her dreams in order to maintain stability in her marriage, only to find her husband was secretly married to her friend. However, rather than thinking of revenge, she got back on her feet and worked hard so that she and her daughter would live a better life.


Now, Nelly is in the preparation phase for her upcoming TV series, El Nasabeen. The drama, where she stars alongside Asser Yassin, is expected to air in Ramadan 2020.


Setting all of this aside, we hope she gets well and stronger than ever, on and off-screen.