How many times did you visit a museum in Egypt and wanted to document a moment with a photograph but couldn’t because it’s prohibited? Well, not anymore; the Egyptian Ministry of Antiquities announced on their official website that everyone can take pictures from now on.

This great news is very exciting, especially because many people have been rooting for this decision. In light of encouraging tourism in Egypt, the ministry has made this decision allowing commercial photography and videography as long as everyone is following the rules. For instance, you’re not allowed to use a flash while capturing a photo.

Mobile photography is free; however, professional photography or videography are allowed but with a cost. Other than the price ticket, an extra fee, EGP 50, for photography is added.

In celebration of such great news, here are five underrated museums that you must visit, other than the renowned Egyptian Museum!

The Nubian Museum


This is one of Egypt’s hidden gems in Aswan right in front of Sofitel Legend Old Cataract. The museum has the ancient Nubian heritage on display for you, promising you a wonderful experience.

Umm Kalthoum’s Museum


Part of El Mansterly Palace is dedicated to Egyptian music icon Umm Kalthoum. The museum exhibits her possessions, including clothes, accessories, bags, shoes, you name it.

Royal Jewelry Museum


This Alexandria-based museum that used to be home of Princess Fatma El Zahraa is full of magnificent pieces of jewellery that date back to the dynasty of Muhammed Ali and his descendants. The halls’ walls are also covered with lots of amazing paintings that will definitely fascinate you.

Mummification Museum


Mummification; a process that bedazzled everyone throughout history. Ancient Egyptians used to apply this method to preserve all the organs in a human body from decomposition. They used to practice it on all kinds of species, not just on human beings, but also on animals. This Luxor-based museum takes you further in depth of the process, making it an impressive must-visit.

Arabic Calligraphy Museum


This beautiful museum has many Arabic manuscripts created by past and current artists. You should definitely include this visit in your Alexandria itinerary.


By Yara Tarek