While social media has opened the world up in so many ways, it has also became a breeding ground for uninvited commentary and mudslinging debate - none more so than in Egypt. The latest 'controversy' to fire the flames of misguided anger comes in the form of a photo series depicting a young Egyptian girl wearing a niqab.

Taken by Egyptian photographer, Mostafa Waheed, the photos were posted on his Facebook page, Ozo Photography, and quickly sparked debate, with close to 2000 shares and comments of divided opinions on the 'appropriateness' of several particular photos showing the young girl around Al-Hakim Mosque on Muez Eldin Street posing with violin.

niqabi girl IN2All photos courtesy of Ozo Photography/Facebook

What ensued was a lengthy debate on the seemingly endless question of whether music is forbidden by Islam, with many keen to point to a supposed contradiction of the photo. To his credit, Waheed responded to almost all of the negative comments, though that didn't stop plenty of users to click on the 'angry' reaction button - but I guess that's what it was made for. Sigh.

By Samar El Shams

All photos courtesy of Ozo Photography/Facebook