We all try so hard to make our Instagram account look visually appealing. From colour coordinating and presets to angles and well-thought shots. And because aesthetics matter, we also aim for a vibrant feed. Out of all accounts that are considered aesthetic-goals out there, The Bookish Word stands out, feeding not just our eyes but our minds as well.


Photographer and content creator, Noha Badawi, started The Bookish Word when she was still in college back in 2015. Being the bookworm that she is, she wanted to share her passion for reading with others. “I wanted many to stumble upon the right book and fall in love with reading like me,” Noha told us.

The fellow reader’s feed is filled with books, and nothing but good ones. She shares her two cents on every book, and you can find detailed, honest reviews on her blog. We’d have to say, her opinion is quite viable. She even reviews films from time to time. 

As we wanted to delve deeper into Noha’s world of fantasy and fiction, we sat down for a one-on-one fun interview.


When did you first start reading, and what was the book that made you fall in love with it?

I started reading when I was 11 or 12 years old, and ‘Harry Potter’ is what made me fall in love. It was like finding a magic gate at the time. 

Favourite genre? Favourite book? Favourite author?

My favourite genre is fantasy; historical fiction comes next. As for my favourite book, oh boy, that’s a very difficult question. Excluding the Harry Potter series, of course, my top 3 are “I’ll Give You the Sun” by Jandy Nelson, “The Night Circus” by Erin Morgenstern, and “A Court of Mist and Fury” by Sarah J. Maas. As for my favourite author, it’s Sarah J. Maas. She has the power to transport me to worlds I never thought existed, taking me on a new adventure with every single word.

Describe your ideal book.

Big and rich with details, enthralling with a big squad of characters, and alive.

What do you think about the literature industry nowadays in Egypt, and the Arab world in general? 

If we’re comparing it to the US and the UK, because what I mostly read is in English, the Arab world still has got some steps to cover, but we’re not far away.

Films vs books?


Which fictional character describes you the most and in which fictional place would you rather live?

Hermione Granger is my fictional spirit, and I would want to live in the wizarding world.

With or against e-books?

With, I cannot be against them because they’re just a format of the book to make it easier for some to read it if they have no access to physical copies.

How would you encourage people to read more often?

By always recommending them diverse books, by doing book clubs from time to time, and by starting discussions about different topics and relating them to books.

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