Today marks the 64th birthday of one of Egypt's most iconic actors, Ahmed Abdelaziz. Born in Alexandria in 1955, he's famous for taking Egyptian television by storm back in the 90s. His most prominent works include Souq El A'asr, Zi'aab El Gabal, and El Mal Wel Banoon. However, what he's been mostly known for is overacting, which is actually the number 1 reason why we absolutely love him!

No matter what the genre is, Ahmed Abdelaziz never failed to make one's day with his performance. So, in celebration of his birthday, we've compiled a list of his most iconic scenes that'll surely leave you laughing your heads off. 

Forget about Hollywood, this is how fight scenes should be done.

Best costume prize or what?

Dear lovebirds, start taking notes. This is called taking romance to a whole new level.

When you're supposed to take the character seriously but you just can't.

This was probably the beginning of melodrama in Egypt.

Poor Ahmed shouldn't have relapsed...

In a parallel universe, booking a flight can be as easy as buying a metro ticket!