A talented actress, a youthful soul, a dazzling singer, a joyful person, and a pretty woman. What else can we say about her? She is, and will always be, El Cinderella; Soaad Hosny.

Today marks what would’ve been the 78th birthday of the late legend, Soaad Hosny, and as much as we miss her, we thought about sharing some of her unforgettable statements.

Whether lyrics or catchphrases, these five statements by the gorgeous lady will live on forever.

#1 Bamby Bamby

It’s our forever favourite Sham El Nessim song. Cheerful and joyful as always, Soaad was able to present a song that lives on to this day. The lyrics can definitely bring joy to anyone; no wonder that people use the term “bamby bamby” to express happiness.

#2 Ana 3aiza Mn Da Ya Hazombol

Can you imagine a 24-year-old woman embodying a 13-year-old teenager? Yes! We expect anything and everything from the multi-talent diva. You probably watched Saghira 3al Hob at least once, and in this mind-blowing film, Soaad proved not only that she’s a unique actress and singer, but her performance was also undoubtedly inspiring.

Ana 3aiza Mn Da Ya Hazombol is not just a successful song, but it’s also a frequently used phrase that people repeat to express their desperate need for something.

#3 Ya Wad Ya Te2eel

We bet you still remember this song from the film Khaly Balk Mn Zozo to this day. Hosny surpassed herself in this film, in which she portrayed Zozo. She was brilliantly able to combine both happiness and misery, and of course, this phrase has stuck with us.

#4 Bano Bano

With her cheerful spirit and beautiful soul, El Cinderella has easy access to your hearts, thanks to her angelic voice, even if the song is sad and gloomy.

Bano Bano, the song from her famous film, Shafika w Metwally, expresses everything we want to say to two-faced, disingenuous people.

#5 Ta Ta Ta

If you’ve watched 3a2elat Zizi, then you probably use this code whenever you’re stuck in a situation and need someone to come to the rescue!