Dogs are man’s best friends and the same is true all over Egypt. There has never been shortage of love for all the puppies roaming around, however owning one is a completely different story and requires a great deal of responsibility from the owner’s side. While dog’s undying loyalty and commitment to their owners is innate, the same can’t be said for all of their owners who can sometimes be very abusive.

However, one dog owner here In Egypt, who goes by the name Sam William, is one of the most loyal dog owners in the country, having 16 dogs in his life so far and considering his pups part of the family.

Owning a Pup should never be taken lightly, and while most potential owners know dogs require to be fed, bathed and walked, William considers getting a puppy to be as equally important in terms of responsibility as to having a baby; they require constant attention and care, as well as show of love and attention.

Nowadays, William has turned his passion into a business and co-founded ― along with his partner, Khaled Hitamy ― a new breeding kennel to raise and train all breeds of dogs.

The breeding kennel is called “By Sam William,” and is located in Mansoria; hosting over 100 dogs at the time being. Sam and Hitamy are driven by a forward-looking mindset, in means of expanding to even more spacious locations that are suitable for all breeds. William is aware that the question most people inquire about prior to owning a new pup, is what breed to adopt that would suit their living environment? And while most would love to own a Dalmatian or a Golden Retriever, not everyone has the appropriate space to own one.

Nevertheless, when clients present themselves to Sam, his advice on which breed to own isn’t just based on living quarters, but also based on the daily life style of the potential owner. For example, owners who have an extroverted and active lifestyle, could adopt strong breeds like German Shepherds and Rottweilers. While home dwellers can always go for Bolognese or Coton de Tulear

Since Dogs imprint on their owners’ personality and character traits, it’s imperative that you choose a breed that matches, not only your life style, but your everyday persona. In order to create that ever-lasting bond between you and your new best friend.

Answering the question of: if certain breeds aren’t suitable for the country, William said that he believes that there are no breeds that you can’t really own here, but it’s always recommended that they’re born here. This is due to most dogs having a natural physiology that adapts to the environment and atmosphere they’re born in.

What’s surprising is that through William’s experiences, smaller breeds are actually harder to look after. William added that the smaller breeds can live and adapt to a smaller environment such as an apartment, but they require more company and attention. Not to mention, more meals per day, even though the dogs are given smaller portions.

Numerous variables should be identified when you are considering welcoming a pup to the family. However, when all is said and done, the most important aspect of choosing a pup is knowing what kind of commitment you’re willing to make with your pup, and how to maintain a long-lasting friendship and bond with your new best friend.

By Nader Issa