Social media is a great place to stumble upon unearthed talents. A great example of one of these would have to be Moustafa Adel, a 24-year-old who started to root himself into the filmmaking world. Adel, who has an extremely aesthetic profile on Instagram and nearly 1209K followers, is someone whom you can’t just miss. Your feed definitely deserves a daily dose of his art.


Moustafa’s determination to follow his dreams since he was still in college surely paid off when his graduation project; a documentary called “The Long Journey”, was a great success. The short documentary won at the Alexandria Short Film Festival, with a standing ovation from the crowd who fell in love with the film. The Long Journey follows the life of three inspiring people who were involved in accidents that turned their lives upside down.

He didn’t stop there. He directed his own short film, “My Own World”, and it won the first place at Masr Dot Bokra (MDB) Film Festival in May 2018. “I still can’t believe it, after so many sleepless nights and hard work, I waited for this day for so long,” the aspiring filmmaker said.


The movie also won two awards at MDB Film Festival and Urban International Film Festival (UIFF).

Moustafa is also a traveller; you wouldn’t want to miss his astonishing photography style that captures the beauty of the countries he visits. Check out his work below.











By Yara Tarek