WWE welcomes its first Egyptian wrestling superstar, Mohamed Fahim, who was once a kickboxing coach at the prestigious Gezira Sporting Club, but decided to register for WWE's 'second' Middle East tryouts in Dubai. It is only with pride that we say "Fahim was definitely out to impress." According to a report published by Al Arabiya, the coaches and trainers who saw his massive potential, could foresee him being part of their roster; not only that, but he gained praise for utilizing his fighting sport background in the likes of boxing, mixed martial arts and kickboxing.

Al Arabiya also added that upon arrival, Fahim underwent harsh training by WWE head coach, Matt Bloom, who wanted to test his potential and Fahim has managed to floor all his trainers' expectations by constantly pushing his own limits, and proving himself to everyone involved. Whatever impression he had left, seems to have paid off; since only a couple of months after returning to his humble life as a coach at Gezira sporting club, he received a call from Paul Levesque AKA "Tripple H" to sign with WWE for an unprecedented opportunity to become the face of WWE for the Middle East, Al Arabiya report said.

Now more than ever, Egyptians are about to carry their fandom and love for WWE to a whole new level; as they witness one of their very own becoming a star in his own right, and inspiring millions of Arabs - especially Egyptians - to follow their dreams and work hard for their realization. Fahim's achievement is no small feat, and the future prospects he carries to uplift and inspire generations of Arabs to work diligently and seize every opportunity they get, might just be what the world needs. Along with the simple, yet undoubtedly true fact; that regardless of where anyone is from, there is no limit to their potential.

By Nader Issa