The very sculpture that caused controversy on social media and received criticism from a number of people, gave the now famous Minya artists, Mai Abdallah, a chance to have a phone call with the King, Mo Salah. He commended for all the effort she has been putting into what she is passionate about.

A few days ago, Mai Abdallah posted a picture of a sculpture she created of Mo Salah, where she had the sculpture posing in one of Mo’s most famous goal celebrations. After posting the picture, she started receiving a backlash from the online community. Few supported her endeavour, and even fewer highlighted her talent and her previous sculptures, that perfectly portrayed some of Egypt’s most notable celebrities.

After her post, and receiving lots of bullying on social Media, Mo Salah found out about it and contacted her to support her throughout her turmoil.

The post translates to: “I am so happy. Our international player and hero, Captain Mo Salah, was just on the phone with me.” He told her that “I am a really good artist and that he has been checking my work, and that he truly admires it.”

Mo Salah asked Abdallah to not “give too much attention to the negative comments,” and affirmed “his belief in me that I will become a great international artist one day.” He also asked me to “take my time creating a new sculpture of himself that he can decorate his house with.”

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