They say if your dreams don’t scare you, they aren’t big enough. Harfoush is an embodiment of this quote, with dreams and aspirations topping the skies. The Egyptian Ministry of Foreign Affairs is officially collaborating with Harfoush in an effort to publicize his “Egyptian Jazz Projekt” in Egyptian embassies around the world, and especially in those embassies located in Europe, for his upcoming tour in 2018.

The Egyptian jazz vocalist, Harfoush, started his career in Cairo as a jazz vocalist and entertainer, and has been performing around the world for well over two decades. He is also a co-founder of Cairo Jazz Festival. Harfoush performed all over the world, and recorded his first song in 2007. After moving to London, Harfoush founded The Harfoush Jazz Band (2016). His new band soon became famous, for its unique renditions of classical Egyptian and American Jazz.

The level of mastery exhibited by Harfoush and his band, allotted them the opportunity of a life time, with one of a kind performance at the Egyptian Embassy in Berlin! On his social media accounts, Harfoush made sure to keep his beloved country aware and proud of his international achievements!

By Sara Mosharef