Simsimiya music, from beautiful Suez, makes us get in touch with our roots. The traditional genre and unique instrument take us on a musical journey that tells a lot about the Egyptian city’s folk music. Amidst artists that dedicate themselves to simsimiya, we were intrigued when we stumbled upon the girl band, Amwag.

The 8-member band was founded by simsimiya player Eman Heddo, with the intention to preserve the distinct traditional music. Another factor that makes the band truly unique is the unity that brings them together. Eight girls, all united, singing and dancing with passion and love; that is the kind of thing that gets your attention.

It’s worth mentioning that Amwag will be performing their very first concert at El-Dammah Theater on Thursday, the 24th of October. El-Dammah Theater, part of El Mastaba Center, is well known for only hosting performers of the highest artistic standards. So, Amwag falling under that umbrella is an achievement in itself.

Tickets cost EGP 50. For inquiries, call 01150995354, 01008954902, or 01152405377.