Our all-time favourite Egyptian hip-hop dancer, choreographer, and instructor, Layla Ghaleb, just took her dance career to the next level, and we’re nothing but proud and impressed. The 23-year-old hip-hop guru is currently touring Europe, giving masterclasses to dancers all over the continent.

Ghaleb’s tour started in Rome, where she gave her first masterclass at Damned House studio. So far, she’s covered Milan, Slovenia, Thessaloniki, Athens, and now she’s in Bulgaria, about to give two more classes. This weekend, Layla’s tour is going to come to an end with her two final courses in Cyprus. However, the dancer is going to be back for two dance intensives here in Cairo.


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Recently, Layla started her own dance program called Intensives by Layla, where she focuses on three essential pillars; mind, body, and soul. Through this 22-hour intensive program, dancers get to learn more about the hip-hop culture, its history, basic movements, and techniques (mind). Then, as dancing includes athleticism, dancers will have to train their bodies and learn how to properly stretch, alongside working on their dance moves (body). Finally, Ghaleb will teach her class how to connect better with music and partners, as well as improve improvisation skills (soul).

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The second edition of Intensives by Layla will take place from the 5th to the 21st of December at Central Studio in New Cairo and Adams Dance Studio in Sheikh Zayed. For booking or more information, you can contact +971 50 534 3552 on WhatsApp.

In case you’re new to all of this, Ghaleb’s a popular Egyptian dancer who regularly posts her dance routines and choreography online. She runs a strong Instagram presence with a whopping 245,000 followers. Educated at the Urban Dance Camp in Germany, Ghaleb managed to pursue a career in what she’s passionate about the most, besides working with her sister and influencer, Hadia Ghaleb. Together, the co-founded Ghaleb Production House (GPH), where Layla is the creative director.