“At times where hugs are deadly weapons, we wanted to create something as a reminder that dance, music, and art are still alive,” Amer Baghdadi, an Egyptian filmmaker, based in Vienna wrote on Instagram.

Artists know that hardships somehow tend to boost creativity. So, no wonder many works of art have surfaced on the internet recently. One of which that really caught our attention and was worth sharing is this short unchoreographed dance filmed by Baghdadi.

Titled Two Meters Away, this is a dance for connection in the time of social distancing. Baghdadi went out and shot some beautiful footage of his roommate, Elda, and two other friends who danced in the empty streets of Vienna, but two metres apart.

With Sten Erland Hermundstad’s Care as a choice of background music, covering the sound of silence and the birds barely chirping, the video was incredibly heartfelt. Not to mention that the dancers’ honest performance was coming straight from the heart, and their freestyle was on point. Yet, how Baghdadi represented all of these moments is what’ll touch you down to the core.

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Baghdadi also clarified that filming this video was not illegal nor dangerous, as they did not come in direct contact during the making and always kept a safe distance. He also mentioned that Vienna is one of the places least impacted by the Coronavirus’ hit as the city followed the safety measures earlier than some.

Finally, Baghdadi advised all other artists to keep creating if they ever feel inspired, while staying safe, of course.