What would you do if you wake up to find out that your favourite artist has disappeared off the face of the planet? Or social media, since it’s no different. Well, that’s exactly what happened to Hassan El Shafei’s fans.

The Egyptian music producer and composer has removed all his posts on his 3 million-follower Instagram account. Not just that, but he even changed his display picture to one that raises so many questions. A black background and a melting, fading heart outlining a question mark? What is that supposed to mean?


What raised even more red flags was that during the past 24 hours, El Shafei has been posting heart-wrenching pictures and videos. Those are screaming pain, agony, struggle, and despair. Could it be that this fan favourite is going through tough times? Or did his account get hacked like many fans are claiming? Or maybe he’s just teasing us for something in the cooking? 

No matter what this is, we hope that Hassan is safe and sound. Other than that, only time will tell what’s going on.


By Nadine Arab