From being an obsession in Ramadan and Egypt’s number one watched series, to being the first EVER Arabic series on Netflix! It goes by the name Secret of The Nile, although we all know it as Grand Hotel. The reason behind the name change is that the original Spanish series, Grand Hotel, is also on Netflix.

The scriptwriter Tamer Habib posted the announcement on his Instagram account in March, with the caption “Grand Hotel, now on Netflix.”

Our favourite Ramadan series will be there for us to see it anywhere in the world. The fact that this is the first Egyptian series on Netflix is enough to make us excited enough to watch it all over again.

Let’s all hope now that Tamer Habib will work on more beautiful series, so we can take over the TV and film streaming service.The series has starred some of Egypt’s most loved actors, including Amina Khalil, Amr Youssef, Dina Elsherbiny, Mohamed Mahmdouh, Ahmed Dawoud, and of course the beautiful Anoshka.

By Sara Mosharef