For thousands of years, Egypt has always amazed the world with its history and culture. Our ancient Egyptian heritage is what distinguishes us and shapes our identity. Millions of people from all over the world come to Egypt for a glimpse of our culture, and they’re never disappointed. In the light of all of that, Google, with one of its famed doodles, is currently celebrating the discovery of King Khufu’s ship.


Located at the Giza Solar Boat Museum, Khufu’s ship, which was discovered on the 26th of May 1954,  is the world’s oldest intact ship (according to Wikipedia). It’s also known as “Solar Ship of Khufu” because it’s claimed that it was used to carry dead bodies in the afterlife to the god of the sun, “Ra”.

According to archaeologists, Khufu’s ship was not only used in the afterlife; it was also used to sail in the Nile and surrounding lakes. The boat wouldn’t have travelled for long distances though because it doesn’t have any rigging.

One of the many distinctive things about the ship is the smell of cedar wood it’s made of, which was brought from Lebanon. Another interesting fact is that it wasn’t built with nails; instead, it was held together with ropes. The ship’s discovery is considered one of the top ancient Egyptian discoveries in Zahi Hawass’ documentary Egypt’s 10 Greatest Discoveries.


By Yara Tarek