It seems 2019 has been very generous to us Egyptians, in many blissful ways. Especially musically. This year has brought us some of the biggest international artists, performing awesome concerts on Egyptian soil, that people actually had fun at! Big names like RHCP, French Montana, and James Arthur ft. Amr Diab.

The big news is, Egyptian legend, Abdel Halim Hafez will be brought back to us from the dead –we shit you not – for the duration of an awesome event by the name of “Helm” (as in “dream”) alongside Lebanese sweetheart Carole Samaha.

The concert will take place at Manara Hall in New Cairo next Friday, 19th of April. To elaborate more on the coming-back-from-the-dead bit, it will be accomplished through a holographic form. Thank you, technology! Chief conductor, George Kalta will lead a live orchestra of around 45 musicians. Where seventeen songs will be performed, and aslo a surprise song by our beloved Abdel Halim.