With the Egyptian football team laying its fangs upon FIFA world cup for the very first time in almost three decades, we felt compelled to share with you that the FIFA World Cup arrives to Egypt on the 15th of March via the Ivory Coast, and departs on the 17th of March to Naples.

Coca-Cola’s World Cup™ Trophy Tour will mark the fourth time that the FIFA World Cup has visited Egypt. Back in the day, Egyptian football fanatics went to crazy extremes just to get a picture with the cup. However, this time around it is even more special because Egypt’s team is part of the World Cup.

If you dare question what is so special about the World Cup, FIFA President Gianne Infantine has the perfect answer: “Everyone recognizes the significance of the Trophy as a unifying force. We are extremely happy to partner with Coca-Cola once again to bring the Trophy to football fans around the world.” Infantine also added that “in the world of sports, no symbol stands stronger than the FIFA World Cup Trophy,”

Making the first departure from Russia, the world cup will be travelling a distance of 126,000 kilometers. After its return to the hosting country (Russia), it will visit 91 cities ― the longest host country tour in history ― with one out of every three Russians having the opportunity to experience the Trophy in person.

The tour is under auspices of the Egyptian Ministry of Youth and Sports (MYS), and to that Minister, Khaled Abdel Aziz says, “Egypt is very honoured to welcome the FIFA World Cup Trophy this year.” Aziz also added that he “looks forward to watching the Egyptian National Football Team exert their utmost efforts during the World Cup.”

The GM of Coca Cola Egypt said that this tour was initiated to bring “the Trophy to Egyptians who will not get the chance to travel to Russia and watch their national team compete.” Coca Cola will also be giving a group of underprivileged Egyptian youngsters a chance to get personal with the trophy.