Fabrica’s video of their Queen tribute just received the Best Music Video award at MoziMotion in the Netherlands. Are we being recognised internationally? Well, it sure as hell looks like it!

Fabrica, a leading musical theatre company in Egypt, was founded in 2013 to develop the performing art scene through training and innovating projects. The MoziMotion, on the other hand, is an iPhone film festival that discovers talent and gives artists the chance to present and show off their capabilities, empowering mobile filmmaking.

The award was given to the company’s video “Mercury Rising: A Queen Tribute”. The video is an assortment of songs by the legendary band, where scenes smoothly integrate, with a soulful background. It was directed by Mohamed Koushi, while the art direction and choreography were executed by Omar Warda.

What made the video so special is that it was filmed in one continuous camera shot. In other words, all it took was one take! As for the acting that was done by non-actors, which make all the more special. Everything about the video honestly felt joyful and authentic; no wonder they won the award.

Ultimately, it is evident that initiatives helping and advocating talented artists should not go unnoticed. We not only praise Fabrica for their successful music video but, more so, we praise MoziMotion for setting an incentive for artists to find the confidence to present their work.