An artist’s biggest dilemma is making a living out of their art. This is, unfortunately, a global dilemma, not just one in the Middle East. For an artist to go big and make a career out of their passion is no easy task. However, Egyptian sisters Hania and Sara Seif have found a solution for that.

The AUC graduates, who majored in marketing communications and theatre, are no strangers to the art scene. As they were surrounded by that kind of community, they were quite aware of the daily challenges they go through, and hence, found a gap in the market. That’s when the power duo founded their start-up, More Of: a platform that aims to provide artists with all the necessary means and tools to turn their creative energy into a profitable business.

More Of addresses those working in all creative industries, from performing arts; such as music and theatre, to those creating and producing their own end-products; such as jewellery and paintings. But what does their initiative really put on the table?

Well, More Of holds boot camps bringing creative arts and business skillsets together. In other words, if you have the talent, you don’t have to worry about creating a business model, marketing, or funding pitches. This is More Of’s part of the equation; they will guide you throughout the whole process, acting as a mentor teaching you the business side. Another option they offer is the ‘Art-Preneur Bootcamp’ where they dedicate workshops to a specific craft or form of art, and of course, offering its artists the required business tools.

The start-up also makes a great networking opportunity for artists to connect with like-minded people. More Of holds a creative circle for that purpose every month, bringing artists together under one roof.

Not just that, More Of will also act as a platform for performing artists to land opportunities. Casting opportunities, auditions, you name it. More Of has all forms of art covered, and it’s all for free! However, there will be a premium option offering members the advantage of getting first-hand, tailored consultation services.


By Nadine Arab