Egypt’s legendary football star Mohamed Salah has placed Egypt firmly on the map, and Liverpool FC has now become a household name here in Egypt. An ideal setting for the perfect partnership, bringing together two forward-looking, dynamic entities: Liverpool FC and none other than Tatweer Misr, pioneering founders of El Monte Galala and Fouka Bay, a partnership that lends true meaning to the slogan “Together we are strong”. This sentiment was echoed strongly by Reds legend and now club ambassador Robbie Fowler, who said the partnership is ideal because both entities work towards a common goal, providing nurturing environments that help today’s youth excel. The momentous occasion was fittingly exhibited on a series of billboards featuring our local hero.

Tatweer Misr’s plans for expansion will definitely take a giant step forward, in a manner that will allow this local brand to reach international heights, with the UK being the brand’s first stop. This expansion, of course, will be further facilitated by LFC’s Arabic language social media accounts. Consequently, the partnership deal is literally like hitting two birds with one stone: Tatweer Misr will not only be expanding westwards, it will also be doing so in a manner that keeps the brand relevant to its Arabic roots, and relevant to Egypt’s famed love for football.

Speaking of football-loving Egyptians, Tatweer Misr is planning to reward some of its customers with visits to Anfield stadium, the fabled home of Liverpool Football Club, as well as a variety of giveaways signed by world-renowned LFC football stars!